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SepPDF 3.08 Portable

SepPDF 3.08 Portable

SepPDF 3.08 Portable | 1.0 Mb

SepPDF is a simple, standalone tool that lets you split a PDF document and create a single PDF file for each page. You can either choose to split all pages or you can set a custom range of pages (e.g. Page 1-5) to be extracted from the document. The program offers 2 operation modes, the Split(All) mode will split all pages and automatically save them to the same folder as the original with the page number added to the file name. The Split(Page) mode offers some additional control and allows you to define a custom page range, select an output folder and choose to apply the file date of the original file to the split documents.

SepPDF 3.08 Portable

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SepPDF 3.08 Portable
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25-06-2018, 16:55
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